Amsterdam Framboise

I’m not a fruity beer fan in general, but I do really enjoy a good raspberry ale. Amsterdam’s seasonal Framboise is now in stores.


As you can see, it comes in a fancy 650 ml bottle that’s wax sealed. It’s a whopping $10.95 a bottle and I’ll talk about that point later.

The beer pours with a ruby red colour, darker than most raspberry ales, and a pink head. It has the strong raspberry aroma you’d expect with a good raspberry ale. The flavour has a lot of raspberry in it. There is no wateriness to this one. There is a tart finish mixed with bitter hoppiness. This beer, though very good, isn’t as drinkable as other raspberry ales. At 6.5% ABV, stronger than probably any raspberry ale you’ll find, it’s probably for the best. The price is the one drawback for me. I didn’t see the price of this one (it wasn’t even on the shelf) until I got to the checkout and I decided to stick with it anyway as I’d gotten my excitement up. I’ve had other raspberry ales that were as good or nearly as good and were not outrageously priced.


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