Wow, another Tales from the Beer Truck post? IT’S TRUE!

I have not posted here since May and decided tonight was as good of a night as any to fix that.

I guess I should start by talking about my trip to Vancouver at the end of May, because there are a lot of beer-related things to share with that. The main reason, as I mentioned the last time I travelled to BC, is that BC has a far superior craft beer industry than Ontario. It seems every town has its own brewery.  I can speculate a lot of this has to do with more than two retailers in province. There’s the BC Liquor Store and other private beer and wine stores, though you can’t buy beer at your corner store. Beer is considerably more expensive than in Ontario, however. I saw Mill Street Lemon Tea going for $5 a can at one private store.

Some highlight beers tried include Parallel 49‘s Banana Hammock Hefeweizen, as you could guess, a  Hefeweizen with strong hints of banana. There was Bottle Rocket ISA from Victoria’s Philips Brewing Company. You’re starting to see Philips in Ontario LCBO’s, and I recommend trying their works. Not to confuse one with Toronto’s Steamwhistle, Vancouver’s Steamworks produces good beer, and also great food in their brew pub (Yeah, yeah, it also shares its name with a famous Toronto bathhouse, but that’s for another blog). The Tap and Barrel also has a great beer menu.

I should also give mention for Fernie Brewing’s What the Huck, a huckleberry wheat ale, just for the name.

There were also West Coast American craft beers I enjoyed including Rose City Red by Alameda Brewing Co. in Portland and Loser Pale Ale from Seattle’s Elysian Brewing. Originally Loser was released as a 20th anniversary tribute to Sub Pop Records.

Well that trip was over two months ago now. I should mention a local beer I’ve tried lately and enjoyed. I met a friend at The Only on the Danforth last weekend and really enjoyed Farmer’s Market Rhubarb Saison, a small-batch “Welly One-Off” from Wellington. This is a refreshing summer beer made with locally grown Rhubarb (from Guelph, where Wellington is located). I recommend trying it if you can find it.


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