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My trip to New York

Posted in bars and restaurants, Travel with tags , , , , on June 6, 2017 by beertruckdriver

I should’ve posted this a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t. I went to New York over Victoria Day weekend. We actually stayed in New Jersey and took the train over each day (I don’t recommend this, for many reasons). This wasn’t a “drinking trip,” the way a trip to Northern California, France, Bavaria or Belgian monasteries might be. But we (meaning my old man and I) did stop by the Heartland Brewery’s brew pub near Times Square and had a couple of Cornhusker Lagers (each). I like lagers, but this was more malty than I expected. Still alright though.

We also made it to a New York Mets game. Ballpark beer in New York is better than Rogers Centre/SkyDome, but it is not cheaper. They have your standard tallboys of domestics at $9.50 US a can, “Big Boys” (25 Oz cans) for $12.50 US (I think I saw these at a Jays game last week, but didn’t inquire about prices. But they do offer A LOT more craft beer options than SkyDome (don’t correct me on SkyDome).  I ended up grabbing a pint of Sierra Nevada. It was $12.50 US. You get to keep the Mets-branded hard-plastic cup, but do you want the second cup if you order a second beer?

One other interesting thing I saw in a Sam’s Club:


A brewery called Blue Point, also has a beer called Hoptical Illusion. I wonder if the guys at Flying Monkeys are aware. Though, according to RateBeer, many brewers have used this name. I didn’t pick up a six-pack, but look at the price. Eight-something.


Hoptical Illusion

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Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery’s Hoptical Illusion Almost Pale Ale is easy to find on the shelf with it’s psychadelic packaging and labels. Flying Monkeys’s marketing plan is a whole 180 degrees from the more traditional branding the brewery had under the Robert Simpson name. Their new slogan is “normal is weird.”

If you are expecting a lot of hoppiness, you are in for a treat. The aroma is quite spicy. The flavour has a lot of spice and a lot of citrus flavour. It is full of the strong, if bitter, finish you would expect in a pale ale that calls itself Hoptical Illusion. The colour is a deep copper. It is a very good choice if you like a lot of hops in your beer.