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The Collective Arts Brewery in Hamilton

Posted in craft beer, Travel with tags , , , , , , on April 10, 2017 by beertruckdriver

Yesterday I went to visit a friend in Hamilton, Ontario. We made a trip to to The Collective Arts Brewery.


Souvenir t-shirt I got at Collective Arts

My friend and I bought a flight each. My flight consisted of Their Collective Project IPA #1 and IPA #2, their pumpkin saison (which is no longer on their web site. Perhaps at the end of its run? I mean, it’s not exactly pumpkin season) and State of Mind. I also hears an interesting story about Stash from the locals. Having a “straight up” blonde ale was put into play due to the local market in Hamilton. When you think Hamilton beer you might think of those big-ass cans of Steeler or brands like Lakeport. I’m stereotyping here, but Hamiltonians are often blue-collar people who want a straight up beer to drink “like Canadian?” so Stash, though a lot more flavourful than Canadian, offers that.

Briefly, one pilsner I’ve been enjoying lately has been Collingwood’s Rockwood. When I first tried it I asked my LCBO clerk about it and he told me he was really picky and did not prefer it to Urquell. Personally, I like it over Urquell, though there’s a little bit of appley sweetness, which is a surprise. I could see this not being for every pilsner drinker, but I find it clean, smooth and definitely drinkable.


Collective Arts Hefeweizen

Posted in craft beer, Domestic Beers with tags , , on November 11, 2016 by beertruckdriver

Yes, I’m reviewing another beer¬†from Collective Arts. A friend brought me a bottle of their hefeweizen from the brewery. Hefeweizens are German wheat beer that will usually¬†have a fruity sweet flavour to them.

It looks how you would expect a hefeweizen to look, with a hazy orange body. The fruity aroma that comes with a hefe is there. What amazed me about this beer is the flavour. Yes, I know a hefe is supposed to have flavours of sweet fruit, but the long lingering sweet banana flavour was much more than I expected, added in with a bit of spice. The surprising and lingering finish reminds me my experience with Stash, the Collective Arts beer I blogged about a couple of weeks ago.

Another example of an Ontario hefeweizen is the popular Side Launch Wheat.