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American map of beer

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During the Super Bowl this weekend, a map appeared in my Facebook timeline posted by Vox. The map detailed Americans’ favourite beers by state. Note favourite beers might not be the ones people drink the most. This might explain the first surprise to me; Bud Light and Coors Light aren’t bigger than they are on this map. Another surprise is how big a craft beer like Blue Moon is. It’s a favourite from Washington State to New York State to South Carolina. Yuengling is also a big hit in many states. Corona is a favourite to Californians and Hawaiians, but nowhere else does it appear on the map.


BlogTO’s Top 50 Beers Made in Toronto

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BlogTO last week issued their list of the 50 best Toronto-brewed beers. I have to hand it to them in the amount of research (and drinking) that had to go into making this list. A lot of the beers are harder to find. At times the writer jokes that writing about 50 beers is too difficult and seems like he’s getting bored writing all these brief reviews. “Are you really reading all of these? Sigh. It’s a good beer, OK? 50 is a lot of beers to write notes about,” is his commentary on Get Well Porter.

More on The Beer Store

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Martin Regg Cohn wrote a column last December in the Toronto Star that somehow ended up in my Twitter feed last night. “Time to liberate our beer from The Beer Store” touches on most of the points I’ve complained about here where in the 21st century we let our beer be controlled by three multinational corporations. It’s not an outdated piece. Also, if you want to follow me on Twitter, my name is @mikelipsius.

Bud Light: the beer of America

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I discovered this in a link to another article last night. It was posted on news analysis site Vox in April. Roughly 20 percent of all beer sold in America is Bud Light. Not Anheuser-Busch or beer sold under the Bud label, but specifically Bud Light. Wow.

Also surprising in the article is that Blue Light is more popular in the US than Blue. In Canada you rarely even see Blue Light anymore.

How Irish is Guinness?

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It’s still St. Paddy’s Day in most of Canada for a little bit tonight. There may not be another brand of any kind associated with a particular day more than Guinness is with March 17. But I found an interesting article today on The Economist’s website explaining how British Guinness really is. It’s a known fact Guinness is now owned by British brewing and distilling giant Diageo. But Guinness has actually been headquartered in London since 1932. I was also surprised Guinness considered re-branding itself as a British beer in the 1980s. The article also gets into the history of Ireland and Britain and Guinness’s support of the Ulsters. I never would have known. Of course, nowadays when everyone wants to be Irish for the day with an Irish beer, drink an Irish beer in an Irish pub in suburban North America and visit a Guinness factory on a trip to Ireland, not re-branding itself looks like it was a smart move.

Pilsner Urquell, Vancouver and day jobs

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It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted. There are two reasons for this. One, I’m busy with a day job (no I don’t make a real living writing here)  and two, there haven’t been any new beers of note I’ve tried that I just needed to share with you. I will say I have been enjoying Pilsner Urquell a lot. It’s a lighter beer at 4.4%. I have to get up very early nowadays, so on a weeknight if I want a couple of beers with Monday Night Football, a hockey game, The National or whatever, I can drink a lighter beer, not feel groggy in the morning, but not give up the flavour of a good beer in the process.

I’m planning on a visit to Vancouver in the coming spring. I made a trip to BC in 2011, but only spent about seven hours in Vancouver. But I came across an article in the Vancouver Sun this evening about the growth of the city’s craft brewing industry, thanks partially to updated liquor laws. I hope to check out one or more of these new tasting lounges that are opening there.