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Uerige Altbier

Posted in foreign beer with tags , , on March 13, 2017 by beertruckdriver

Uerige Altbier isn’t cheap at $3.95 per 330 ml bottle at the LCBO, but it does come in a really cool bottle.

It’s skinny and has a very long neck. The clerk at the store commented, “Well this bottle is unique.” The beer itself is alright, though not the greatest beer I’ve ever had, which is what the online commentary would suggest it should be. Uerige pours a chocolate colour with a thick beige head. It’s quite carbonated The flavour has hints of malt and dark chocolate and just a splash of cherry. The finish balances the flavour with its bitterness.


How Irish is Guinness?

Posted in foreign beer, in the news, marketing with tags , , on March 18, 2014 by beertruckdriver

It’s still St. Paddy’s Day in most of Canada for a little bit tonight. There may not be another brand of any kind associated with a particular day more than Guinness is with March 17. But I found an interesting article today on The Economist’s website explaining how British Guinness really is. It’s a known fact Guinness is now owned by British brewing and distilling giant Diageo. But Guinness has actually been headquartered in London since 1932. I was also surprised Guinness considered re-branding itself as a British beer in the 1980s. The article also gets into the history of Ireland and Britain and Guinness’s support of the Ulsters. I never would have known. Of course, nowadays when everyone wants to be Irish for the day with an Irish beer, drink an Irish beer in an Irish pub in suburban North America and visit a Guinness factory on a trip to Ireland, not re-branding itself looks like it was a smart move.

Wallace Gastropub

Posted in bars and restaurants, Domestic Beers, foreign beer with tags , , , , on March 8, 2014 by beertruckdriver

First off, I apologize for not posting a lot here. As I’ve mentioned, I’m really busy with a day job at this time of year. I also have a book of poetry titled Lessons in Gravity coming out in April, so I am occupied with work surrounding that.

Last weekend I went to a newer establishment in Toronto, the Wallace Gastropub. The Wallace is in the location of the old Twisted Kilt pub in Midtown Toronto, at Yonge and Davisville. I ate beforehand, but the place seems more like a fine dining place than a lot of pubs, though there are your amenities of several TVs if the Leafs are playing on a Saturday night. The beer list is great, but if you’re looking to try a lot of beers there, the number of green bills in your wallet better be great as well. The place is good for a night out and the staff are fantastic, but the night out won’t be cheap.

I managed to find a beer there called Hennepin Farmhouse Saison, by a brewer called Ommegang, from Cooperstown, New York. My parents took me to Cooperstown as a kid for my birthday. Cooperstown, New York is the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame and I was and am a big baseball fan. When one says “Cooperstown,” the thought of baseball comes to mind, as football would with Green Bay, Wisconsin or motorcycles with Port Dover, Ontario or Sturgis, South Dakota. But after researching Ommegang, they have nothing to do with baseball in their marketing and are dedicated to craft-brewing Belgian style beers, including Hennepin. Personally, I’m also a fan of their website.

Central Waters Space Ghost Imperial Stout

Posted in foreign beer with tags , , , , on February 23, 2014 by beertruckdriver

I decided to share a link of a post of another blog I follow called All the Same Beer. It’s in regards to a Wisconsin beer called Central Waters Space Ghost Imperial Stout.  The name and label are cool enough, but this is an imperial stout brewed with chili peppers. I’ve heard of beers brewed with chili peppers before and have no urge to try them (I prefer a beer that tastes refreshing). But an imperial stout? If you’re wondering, an imperial stout is usually much stronger than a traditional stout like Guinness. It actually originated in England and not Russia, contrary to popular belief. It’s usually stronger, around 10% ABV. The idea of an imperial stout, with all that it has going on, being brewed with chili peppers, sounds like it would be way too much for a lot of people’s palates to handle.

Greene King Abbot Ale

Posted in foreign beer with tags , , on February 15, 2014 by beertruckdriver

Ugh. I’ll never drink this again. If this were the last beer on Earth, I’d have no choice but to become a teetotaller. What really bothers me is after drinking this, I checked beer rating sites to get other drinkers’ opinions about this and was shocked at how positive they were. I’m not one to judge one’s taste in beer (I like the odd PBR after all), but I’m wondering if the fact this was from a British brewer added to its scores. I find many reviews of macrobrewed drinks are given unfairly low scores by people desperate to look like snobs who know what they’re talking about. But I’d take most American beers over this one.

The pour is nice enough, a caramel colour with a very creamy off-white head. The flavour itself is all right with a caramel malt flavour, but with not a large amount of carbonation. It’s quite smooth. However, I know this is an English bitter, but I can’t get over the aroma and finish of bitter rotten fruit. This is what it smells and tastes like to me, with a hint of soapiness in the finish. To me, it was an awful decision to try this, but now I know.

Wells Banana Bread Beer

Posted in foreign beer with tags , , , on January 11, 2014 by beertruckdriver

I’ve seen this beer around, but wasn’t adventurous enough to try it until tonight. It’s a banana flavoured English ale from the UK’s Wells and Young’s. Though this beer is not as sweet as you might think, this isn’t a beer where a flavour is advertised and you have to concentrate to taste that flavour. This really is a banana beer.  There’s more banana in this than a gay porno flick.

The second you open the bottle and then as you pour into a glass, you smell banana from a foot away. The body is a translucent light brown with an off-white creamy head. The flavour is a creamy one with strong malt, barley and banana notes. The finish gets even stronger with the banana flavour, but it balances out with some bitter hoppiness. If you like beer and bananas, this is worth trying. If you’re expecting the English equivalent of a fruity lambic beer, move along. Though the banana flavour is absolutely there, other flavours tone down the sweetness.

Trooper, the Iron Maiden beer

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I went on a hunt for Trooper several weeks ago and was informed by staff at the Summerhill LCBO that the entire city was sold out of this beer. Yesterday, I happened to find Trooper on the shelf of the Dupont St. LCBO, an LCBO that has some craft beer and interesting beer to try, but doesn’t offer as much selection as other stores. For an English bitter, this is a pretty good beer. Robinsons Brewery (brewer of this) could’ve easily poured some cheap swill into a bottle, thrown a label on it and still had Iron Maiden fans searching for it. Is it worth $4.60 a bottle? Well, you’re paying for the gimmick here. If it were $3.60 for a bottle and not named after an Iron Maiden song and not featuring Maiden-themed artwork, the beer wouldn’t have as much interest in it. Besides, if you’re a fan of Iron Maiden, $4.60 also gives you a cool souvenir. When do you get that while buying a single bottle of beer?

And before I go, sorry for being mostly inactive here in the last month or so. I hope you had a good holiday season and have a happy new year (no stupid puns about “happy new beer” here).