Opening a PakTech holder

If you’ve ever picked up a six-pack of beer or something else and it came packaged with those plastic lid tops that are near impossible to remove, watch this video from Austin Beerworks. The trick is to not pick up the rest of the beer or what have you when removing from the packaging. One other tip, as you can see in the video, letting the beer sit may be best before opening, as when you have to pull so hard you might get the fobbing effect.

Here’s an article that tries to explain the reasoning behind such a stupid invention.

By the way, unrelated to beer, the last couple of nights on Netflix I’ve been watching this film that’s apparently popular in Norway of a train that travels from Bergen to Oslo (in seven hours). It really is not as boring as you would think if you like scenic trips through the mountains. It’s part of a series in Norway called Slow TV, and looks to be a lot like their Fireplace Channel.




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