Maple Butter Tart Ale

Maple butter tart ale? I found this at the Summerhill LCBO and reluctantly decided to try it. It’s brewed by Gravenhurst’s Sawdust City Brewing Company.

It really is an all right beer as a curiosity. The body is a dark reddish brown with a thin off-white head. From the second I opened the can I smelled the aroma of, well, butter tart. The flavour definitely has a butter tart taste, but a watery texture and a hint of toasted nut to make you not feel like you’re drinking a can of syrup. The finish has a lingering flavour of maple syrup that isn’t too strong. The sweetness is here, but I still feel like I’m having a beer. I don’t regret trying this, but it’s not something I think I would drink on a regular basis.



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