Roman Candle and Illiterate Librarians

It’s been nearly two years since you’ve heard from the Beer Truck Driver. This blog fell on the back burner when I took on freelance writing projects on top of my day job and then took time to deal with personal and family issues. But recently people have told me they’ve missed this blog and would like to see its return. So I’m back for right now with a review of two bears beers; Roman Candle by Bellwoods Brewery and Illiterate Librarians by Sarnia’s Refined Fool Brewing Company.


Roman Candle is a strong IPA with 6.8% ABV. It has an orange-hued body and a white head. The aroma has strong grapefruit notes as well as more subtle notes of melon and pine. The flavour has hints of spice and pineapple and is rather bitter. The finish is strong and hoppy. If you’re looking for a strong IPA with spice and a real fizziness to the flavour, this is good.


When Refined Fool says Illiterate Librarians (interesting name for a beer) is a grapefruit IPA, they are not kidding. I poured the beer at least a good foot away from my nose and smelled the overpowering grapefruit aroma. The aroma is like Amsterdam Boneshaker on steroids. The body is orange-amber with a cream-coloured head. The flavour is malty, with grapefruit flavour and a bitter finish. One reviewer at RateBeer called this a turbo-charged radler, which is rather accurate. Illiterate Librarians has an ABV of 5.7%. It’s not for everybody, but it’s at least interesting.



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