President’s Choice-branded beer has been around off and on at Beer Stores since at least the early ’90s. (Interestingly, those brands of beer marked as “Dave’s” were released after Dave Nichol left Loblaw’s.) Judging by research, the actual brewing of the beer has been outsourced over the years to many discount brewers, including Brick and Lakeport. Its beers have always been discount beers and usually never good. I thought this one was worth trying if only because I was drawn to the can and artsy hipster spelling.


It’s brewed by Whitewater Brewing, which is apparently a subsidiary of Brick. At $10 for a six-pack, I thought it was worth a shot to just try a PC-branded beer again. It’s pretty gross though. The beer pours very foamy with a body that’s a lot lighter in appearance than one would think. There’s almost a sugary sweetness mixed with sourness in the taste. It’s not a watery beer. It’s a flavourful beer, but the flavour isn’t good. It has an alcohol taste, but it’s still only 5% ABV. If you want a really cheap beer (at least by Canadian standards), you can do better than this.


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