How Irish is Guinness?

It’s still St. Paddy’s Day in most of Canada for a little bit tonight. There may not be another brand of any kind associated with a particular day more than Guinness is with March 17. But I found an interesting article today on The Economist’s website explaining how British Guinness really is. It’s a known fact Guinness is now owned by British brewing and distilling giant Diageo. But Guinness has actually been headquartered in London since 1932. I was also surprised Guinness considered re-branding itself as a British beer in the 1980s. The article also gets into the history of Ireland and Britain and Guinness’s support of the Ulsters. I never would have known. Of course, nowadays when everyone wants to be Irish for the day with an Irish beer, drink an Irish beer in an Irish pub in suburban North America and visit a Guinness factory on a trip to Ireland, not re-branding itself looks like it was a smart move.


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