Wallace Gastropub

First off, I apologize for not posting a lot here. As I’ve mentioned, I’m really busy with a day job at this time of year. I also have a book of poetry titled Lessons in Gravity coming out in April, so I am occupied with work surrounding that.

Last weekend I went to a newer establishment in Toronto, the Wallace Gastropub. The Wallace is in the location of the old Twisted Kilt pub in Midtown Toronto, at Yonge and Davisville. I ate beforehand, but the place seems more like a fine dining place than a lot of pubs, though there are your amenities of several TVs if the Leafs are playing on a Saturday night. The beer list is great, but if you’re looking to try a lot of beers there, the number of green bills in your wallet better be great as well. The place is good for a night out and the staff are fantastic, but the night out won’t be cheap.

I managed to find a beer there called Hennepin Farmhouse Saison, by a brewer called Ommegang, from Cooperstown, New York. My parents took me to Cooperstown as a kid for my birthday. Cooperstown, New York is the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame and I was and am a big baseball fan. When one says “Cooperstown,” the thought of baseball comes to mind, as football would with Green Bay, Wisconsin or motorcycles with Port Dover, Ontario or Sturgis, South Dakota. But after researching Ommegang, they have nothing to do with baseball in their marketing and are dedicated to craft-brewing Belgian style beers, including Hennepin. Personally, I’m also a fan of their website.


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