Central Waters Space Ghost Imperial Stout

I decided to share a link of a post of another blog I follow called All the Same Beer. It’s in regards to a Wisconsin beer called Central Waters Space Ghost Imperial Stout.  The name and label are cool enough, but this is an imperial stout brewed with chili peppers. I’ve heard of beers brewed with chili peppers before and have no urge to try them (I prefer a beer that tastes refreshing). But an imperial stout? If you’re wondering, an imperial stout is usually much stronger than a traditional stout like Guinness. It actually originated in England and not Russia, contrary to popular belief. It’s usually stronger, around 10% ABV. The idea of an imperial stout, with all that it has going on, being brewed with chili peppers, sounds like it would be way too much for a lot of people’s palates to handle.


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