Greene King Abbot Ale

Ugh. I’ll never drink this again. If this were the last beer on Earth, I’d have no choice but to become a teetotaller. What really bothers me is after drinking this, I checked beer rating sites to get other drinkers’ opinions about this and was shocked at how positive they were. I’m not one to judge one’s taste in beer (I like the odd PBR after all), but I’m wondering if the fact this was from a British brewer added to its scores. I find many reviews of macrobrewed drinks are given unfairly low scores by people desperate to look like snobs who know what they’re talking about. But I’d take most American beers over this one.

The pour is nice enough, a caramel colour with a very creamy off-white head. The flavour itself is all right with a caramel malt flavour, but with not a large amount of carbonation. It’s quite smooth. However, I know this is an English bitter, but I can’t get over the aroma and finish of bitter rotten fruit. This is what it smells and tastes like to me, with a hint of soapiness in the finish. To me, it was an awful decision to try this, but now I know.


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