Wells Banana Bread Beer

I’ve seen this beer around, but wasn’t adventurous enough to try it until tonight. It’s a banana flavoured English ale from the UK’s Wells and Young’s. Though this beer is not as sweet as you might think, this isn’t a beer where a flavour is advertised and you have to concentrate to taste that flavour. This really is a banana beer.  There’s more banana in this than a gay porno flick.

The second you open the bottle and then as you pour into a glass, you smell banana from a foot away. The body is a translucent light brown with an off-white creamy head. The flavour is a creamy one with strong malt, barley and banana notes. The finish gets even stronger with the banana flavour, but it balances out with some bitter hoppiness. If you like beer and bananas, this is worth trying. If you’re expecting the English equivalent of a fruity lambic beer, move along. Though the banana flavour is absolutely there, other flavours tone down the sweetness.


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