Trooper, the Iron Maiden beer


I went on a hunt for Trooper several weeks ago and was informed by staff at the Summerhill LCBO that the entire city was sold out of this beer. Yesterday, I happened to find Trooper on the shelf of the Dupont St. LCBO, an LCBO that has some craft beer and interesting beer to try, but doesn’t offer as much selection as other stores. For an English bitter, this is a pretty good beer. Robinsons Brewery (brewer of this) could’ve easily poured some cheap swill into a bottle, thrown a label on it and still had Iron Maiden fans searching for it. Is it worth $4.60 a bottle? Well, you’re paying for the gimmick here. If it were $3.60 for a bottle and not named after an Iron Maiden song and not featuring Maiden-themed artwork, the beer wouldn’t have as much interest in it. Besides, if you’re a fan of Iron Maiden, $4.60 also gives you a cool souvenir. When do you get that while buying a single bottle of beer?

And before I go, sorry for being mostly inactive here in the last month or so. I hope you had a good holiday season and have a happy new year (no stupid puns about “happy new beer” here).


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