Pilsner Urquell, Vancouver and day jobs

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted. There are two reasons for this. One, I’m busy with a day job (no I don’t make a real living writing here)  and two, there haven’t been any new beers of note I’ve tried that I just needed to share with you. I will say I have been enjoying Pilsner Urquell a lot. It’s a lighter beer at 4.4%. I have to get up very early nowadays, so on a weeknight if I want a couple of beers with Monday Night Football, a hockey game, The National or whatever, I can drink a lighter beer, not feel groggy in the morning, but not give up the flavour of a good beer in the process.

I’m planning on a visit to Vancouver in the coming spring. I made a trip to BC in 2011, but only spent about seven hours in Vancouver. But I came across an article in the Vancouver Sun this evening about the growth of the city’s craft brewing industry, thanks partially to updated liquor laws. I hope to check out one or more of these new tasting lounges that are opening there.


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