Molson Old Style Pilsner

Molson Old Style Pilsner has been around since the ’20s. I’m an Ontarian who has never been to Western Canada, with exception of the BC coast. I’ve never been anywhere near the Canadian Prairies, though maybe I should go visit. I hadn’t heard of this beer until recently. It’s apparently big in the west, a sponsor of the Saskatchewan Roughriders and now in Ontario. According to a Wikipedia article it briefly appeared in Ontario in the 1990s (I was not old enough to drink legally or really even elsewise in the early ’90s). You can read about the history of Old Style Pilsner here.

I just discovered Old Style Pilsner in Ontario recently. The beer is nothing special. It tastes like your traditional macro pilsner, like Blue, but I find it has more texture. It’s much creamier in flavour and has a thicker head. You gotta love a beer nicknamed “Saskatchewan Champagne.”



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