Kensington Watermelon Wheat

I first tried this at a Chrysalis magazine launch at Tequila Bookworm a few weeks ago. (Kim Dawkins from that literary zine reads this blog, so I thought I’d give them a plug.) I was intrigued as I’d never tried a watermelon ale before.

This isn’t a review per se. I’m strictly going from memory and doing have a glass in front of me, as I usually do when doing a review. But Kensington Watermelon Wheat is one of those things where you give an A for effort and a much lower mark for outcome. My main issue was there was only a tinge of watermelon flavour. Most of the flavour was hops and grapefruit. The aroma was only faint with watermelon. I wonder if there was something with the batch or keg I ordered out of. Most reviews seem to rate Watermelon Wheat as strong with watermelon flavour, while a few others share my sentiments.


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