Budweiser Crown

Disclosure: I was in a focus group for this beer several months ago. I didn’t get to taste Budweiser Crown, but we got to look at sample bottles, sample logos and sample bar glasses and answer survey questions. The label seems to be a variation on examples we saw in that focus group, judging from what I remember.

In the US, Budweiser Crown is known as Black Crown and seems to have emerged from a brewing contest. It is now available in Ontario.

Budweiser Crown is marketed as a golden amber lager. It pours slightly darker than regular Bud with a foamy white head and much carbonation. I taste hops and a bit of a sweet malt finish, followed by dryness. There isn’t much of an aroma. There are hints of malt, but you really have to sniff hard and concentrate. I liked that I wasn’t disgusted by this beer. At 6% ABV I was expecting gut rot beer. I was expecting something as bad as Bud Light Platinum.  Bud Crown is not great, but you weren’t expecting a Trappist masterpiece were you? This is all right to me.


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