Ochakovo Stolichnoe

I came across this beer at the LCBO today. It’s a Russian lager. I’m currently conscientiously avoiding Russian products right now in protest of the current regime. I know this blog is not political, so I’ll stop there. But I bought a can because $2.30 isn’t going to make a difference either way and I really wanted to give this one a shot.

The body and aroma are typical of a lager. The body is straw yellow and the aroma is grassy. However, the head is foamier. As for the taste, it’s a lot maltier than I was expecting. The finish is clean and dry. I wasn’t sure if this would be good or terrible. When I smelled the beer I knew it was a safe one. It’s not great, but Eastern Euro beers can be risky. I have a feeling the ABV being only 4.6% actually saves it.


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