Pabst Blue Ribbon 5.9 (and other notes)

I wanted to hipster it tonight, so I went to The Beer Store to get a six-pack of those PBR tallboys. They did not have them, but they had a new product called Pabst Blue Ribbon 5.9. Thinking, “This might be gross, but what the heck,” I got a six-pack. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. I’m not about to say it’s great, as I wouldn’t call original PBR great, but you can do a lot worse for a strong American lager.


Speaking of gross, Wal-Mart (well they are pretty huge), is looking to increase its presence in the American beer sales market. This won’t really affect Ontario at all until MolsonCoors and InBev the Ontario government says so.

The Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival takes place this weekend outside of the Steamwhistle Roundhouse. I intend to be there. I’ll let you know how it was. For people who aren’t so much into beer, there promises to be a wide variety of food trucks serving a large variety of eats. Ticket sales benefit the Toronto Railway Heritage Museum.


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