Sleeman Original Draught

Sleeman is a strange brand. It burst on the scene in the late ’80s and was one of the little guys and mostly respected. Then later on it was bought by Sapporo and became one of the macros (and one of the owners of the conglomerate known in Ontario as The Beer Store). And now in their “notoriously good” campaigns, we’ve learned about it’s prohibition-violating past. Sleeman’s even offered a promotional contest prize the last two summers of a trip to Alcatraz, where Al Capone one stayed, to get the point across. As macro as it may now be seen, Sleeman still borders on the edge of being a discount brand, price-wise. It’s also still brewed in Guelph, Ontario craft-brewing country.

Tonight I’m drinking a Sleeman Original Draught. It’s not as bad as some macro lagers, but it’s nothing special. That being said, Sleeman is actually very good value money-wise. I mean, if you were just going to get some Busch, Keystone, or a discount brand, I’d suggest paying a little bit more and going for the Sleeman. But as one reviewer says on RateBeer: “Sweet and watery. A notch of lemon. Short in mouth. Colour is pale golden. Not a great beer, but a really good option for binge drinking.” (I won’t condemn or condone that last part. You’re grown-ups, make up your own mind.) Another review said: “Pale, bland and watery. The flavour is of corn sugar and cardboard. Tried this on my trip to Toronto in 2013.” The reviewer was from Lawrence, Kansas. Maybe they have great craft beers in Kansas that I’ve never heard of and they don’t all drink Miller High Life.


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