Olde Stone Brewing Company

Last week I spent a few days in my hometown of Peterborough, Ontario. I was intending to go to see ’90s Can-rock band Sloan play a free concert in Crary Park Saturday night, but the show ended up being postponed to Sunday due to some sort of flight delay in Halifax.  I wound up at the Olde Stone on George St., a brew pub with a variety of craft beers made in the establishment. A pint of Olde Stone beer is $6.05, very reasonable for a micro-brew. I recommend going for the sampler tray at $7.10. You get a tray with five four ounce glasses; one each of Or Dubh (a stout), Red Fife (a pale ale), Wilde Olde Ale (brown ale) and Pickwick’s Best Bitter (English-style bitter ale). Pickwick’s is named after the Dickens character and Wilde Olde Ale is named after Oscar Wilde. Wilde’s line of “work is the curse of the drinking class” is displayed through out the bar.

Now if you’re good at math you might ask what’s in the fifth glass. The Olde Stone has a seasonal beer they switch out every few weeks.  This one was Cascade Blond, a light blonde ale at 4%. If you think it sounds watery, it’s quite flavourful for a light beer. It was odd how beers I didn’t used to like I now do like and vice versa. I used to dislike Red Fife, but this was my favourite one. Also, I used to love Or Dubh as a stout. I’m now less keen on it in comparison to Guiness, Cobblestone, etc.

The Olde Stone also offers other beers from other brewers on tap, but if you’re travelling through Peterborough, why not just drink something you can’t get elsewhere?

Also, if you’re into vinyl records, I highly recommend checking out Bluestreak Records up the street. This is an awesome place to buy vinyl. It’s owned by Tim Haines. Yes hipsters wondering, Tim is the brother of Emily.


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