Great Lakes Miami Weiss

This week Toronto was hit with a single-day record rainfall. The rainfall, which happened only in a few hours, caused devastating floods. Due to power outages, a batch of Great Lakes’s Miami Weiss seasonal was under threat because the beer could not ferment at room temperature. I’m not discounting the struggles of others threatened by homelessness, loss of work, etc. in the flood. But I went to buy a bottle of Miami Weiss while I could to try it. The bottle is cool if you’re into collecting special edition beer bottles.


Great Lakes calls this a cross between an American pale ale and a German Weiss beer. Bang on description. The beer pours with a light yellow body, like you’d expect from an American pale ale, but with the cloudiness of a Weiss. The head is medium and white. The aroma is very citrus, but the flavour is quite subdued. To quote the back of the label, “It’s made with a pale ale yeast which doesn’t produce the banana flavour you find in German weiss beers.” There are hints of grapefruit to go with the flavour of hops, but the lack of fruitiness actually makes this an easy-drinking beer. Weisses can be complex. Some people not that familiar with beer would suggest fruitiness would make it easier drinking and reference Fruli. That’s not always the case. Weisses tend to be summer beers, but the simplistic flavour of Miami Weiss makes it easier to drink than a West Coast pale ale or a pure Weiss. At $5.95 for a 650ml bottle, you’re probably not going to buy a whole case, even though it’s the type of beer that can be drank over a whole afternoon. Here’s hoping Great Lakes can get Miami Weiss back on shelf before the end of summer!


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