Beer and wine in public parks

Today the Toronto Police announced a crackdown on people trying to enjoy a beer on a summer day in places like Trinity Bellwoods Park, titled Project Green Glasses. I find this ridiculous and a waste taxpayer resources. Others agree with me and there’s a petition calling for the city to lighten up on the issue. I have signed it.

“We want the regular folks of the neighbourhood to be able to use these parks,” says Sgt. Ralph Brookes of 14 Division.

Sgt. Brookes, I’m an educated, working person who’s never gotten in trouble with the law. I see myself as a regular folk.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against police enforcing the law when it comes to obnoxious drunken behaviour, mischief, ensuring the age of majority laws are followed, etc., but it is an absolute waste of resources to punish and fine people who want to enjoy a beer or glass of wine in a park on a picnic who are of age and doing so responsibly. I am paying my local police force to protect me and my local government to represent me. I am paying neither to be my dad or babysitter. It’s 2013 and prohibition long ago failed. Governments need to stop being such prudes and go after actual troublemakers in their legislative and judicial systems.


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