I tried Bierschnaps

I was in the Distillery District on the weekend. It was crowded due to Luminato events. In the evening I was in the Mill St. Brew Pub. I decided I was obligated to try Bierschnaps as this was the only place in Canada I could try this special liquor. I was offered the option of Mill St. Coffee Porter, Mill St. Frambozen and Mill St. Tankhouse. As these shots are $8.25 each plus tax, I wasn’t going to try all three, at least right away. I went with the Frambozen. I’d never tried Bierschnaps and have no interest in trying it again. The liquid was clear and smelled more like grainy, herbal vodka. The taste similar. I tasted no hints of beer or raspberry, like Frambozen has. I’m not a hard liquor drinker and could not enjoy this. Its alcohol content is 45% and yes it gives you quite the buzz. It did come with a pretty cool shot glass. I’m not sure if I was allowed to keep it, but I did anyway.


I can say from the night, I left with a good appreciation of Mill St. Pilsner. That’s not as easy to find at the LCBO stores as other Mill Street beers.


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