Beer-flavoured chips

You might’ve come across ads (I’ve only noticed them online and on radio) for a new flavour of President’s Choice kettle cooked chips, beer. (Crisps for all you European readers out there.) Tonight I went on a mission to get them and went several blocks to a Loblaws and at first did not find them. I was really disappointed. I dug through the bin where the kettle cooked bags were piled in and found a bag at the bottom.

The bag actually lists beer as an ingredient (malt barley, hops, corn syrup, yeast). These chips taste sweet, kind of like beer nuts. There is a bit of a beer flavour to them in the seasoning. I just assume they are alcohol-free. No alcohol content is listed on the bag, which I think would be necessary. Also, the inside of the bag has a bit of a beer aroma.


And if you’re wondering, no the bag is not made of jute and is not reuseable. It’s a regular chip bag.

By the way, you can still buy discount brand PC beer at The Beer Store.


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