Innis & Gunn Original is Complex

I was surprised by a couple of things today. 1) Innis & Gunn is sold in 500 ml tall boys at the LCBO and 2) What a complex beer. I’ve had I&G Original before, but am just noticing how intricate the finish is. The original aroma is rather gross. It has hints of sulfates in it with oak and vanilla. The taste isn’t so bad. It starts with a light vanilla taste and long after you’ve swallowed it turns to a bitter taste that you really want to say “blech” to. But if you wait another few seconds, there’s a really nice, sweet, toffee taste. At 6.6% ABV it’s probably good this isn’t an easy-drinking beer. This Scottish ale also has a weird appearance, resembling Scotch with its amber body and having almost no head. This is a beer for sipping and almost studying. It’s not a beer to have a six-pack for while watching a July baseball game. Unless you’re a beer connoisseur, you likely won’t appreciate this one.


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