Guinness Black Lager Review

In the last few weeks there has been a lot of anticipation over “the first new Guinness in hundreds of years!” If you count other beers brewed by Guinness, but not not under the Guinness brand like Harp, let alone the many different brands under Guinness parent Diageo, it’s not a huge deal.

Guinness Black Lager pours looking like a stout. It even has the thick tan head, which quickly evaporates though, unlike the traditional stout. The aroma has hints of the burnt barley and hops you’d expect, but has more of a grassy lager aroma. If you’d blindfolded me, I would’ve expected to see something straw-coloured when the blindfold came off. The flavour though, is nothing special. It tastes like a Guinness, but less of that full flavour and full finish. It’s more of a Guinness Light, other than the fact there is more alcohol (4.5% ABV) than a Guinness. It was widely thought this is what Guinness was going for as they wanted to get the summer outdoor crowd to drink something that was a little lighter tasting.

This isn’t the first time a beer of this style has been tried. Great Lakes tried a black lager called Black Jack a few years ago, for example.


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