Miller High Life

Well this story sounds a little trashy when I think about it, but I was in grade 11 or 12 and I’d done really well on a report card. To reward me my dad, back from a trip to The Beer Store, gave me a couple of king cans of Miller High Life. “But don’t tell your mom.” Miller High Life was disgusting, but I was thinking the other day how I’d like to try it again, just for the sake of trying it again.

Watch this video review of Miller High Life. This guy in New Orleans gives a B+ rating for the “champagne of beers” (Miller made up that slogan before false advertising laws were in place). The best part of this video is watching the guy pour the beer.

I can’t do a review right now for my opinions of this beer, other than report on bad memories. You cannot get it in Ontario, it would seem, at least at The Beer Store. But while you’re at that site you can review the Big 10. There will be lots of other crap to try.


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