Bud Light Platinum

I’m not going to give a full review of aroma, body, etc. for this one. It’s not worth anyone’s time. I always said I’d try Bud “Light” Platinum once just to see what it was like. I texted a friend, Andy Johnson (check his blog here), to let him know I was drinking a BLP. He responded  that he’d lost respect for me, but settled down when I reminded him I always said I’d try it once (I’m assuming he was joking anyway). But Bud Light Platinum sucks. There’s no point mincing words. It sucks. But with a 6% ABV “light” beer, this is to be expected, I would guess. The beer goes down easy enough, like a Bud Light would, but is not spectacular, much like a Bud Light is not. The finish is a strong alcohol taste, however, like a strong gutrot beer would have. I tried it once. I can say that. I just know not to try it again.


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