Molson Export’s white label

This past weekend I was invited to a birthday party with many people gathered to watch the Montreal Canadiens (who lost! Go Leafs!) I knew many of the people at this party would be Quebecois and thought I’d bring a traditionally Quebecois beer for the evening. My choice of Molson Export did in fact get compliments.

I’d known the label inexplicably was changed from red to white a couple of years ago. I still to this day think of Ex as a red-labelled beer and don’t understand the change. I bought the beer at one of those mostly order-service stores  that has Molson/Labatt-affiliated cases on the floor. I paid and went to grab the case off the wall, but couldn’t find a case of Ex. After a couple of minutes the guy behind the till came over and told me I’d been thrown off by the colour. The entire box is now off-white.Photo_D1E13E46-CE2C-55CB-1C92-C6E4773C25D0

Honestly, I think it’s destruction of a brand, even though we’re just talking about a box and a label.



One Response to “Molson Export’s white label”

  1. Yes it’s been pointed out to me the white label is even “more classic” than the red label. I am aware of this, but the red label is much more iconic. I’m sure there was outrage, when Molson went to the red label way back when.

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