Rochefort 8

Hello there. It has definitely been awhile since my last post. I have been very busy with work.

But back on topic, a week ago I saw a friend’s band play at the Only Cafe in Toronto’s Greektown. The Only Cafe has an excellent selection of beer. In a YOLO moment, I ordered a $10.50 Rochefort 8, which was on their “new and notable” list. I might’ve had a Rochefort before, but I never had a Rochefort 8 until that night. Beer snobs will likely hate me for this: I don’t regret trying it, but have probably tried it for the last time.

The beer pours with an opaque body and a very thick tan head (the head reminds me of the Weihenstephaner Vitus I reviewed here a while ago). The alcohol taste at 9.2% ABV isn’t overpowering, but this beer tasted a little too much like carbonated sour wine to me, with a bit of plum flavour in it. I know how well this Belgian Trappist ale is received by beer lovers, but it just wasn’t to my liking. I have read the beer needs to age and have no idea how old the bottle was that I ordered.


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