Why is Harp so cheap?

I noticed this on the weekend. I was at my local LCBO looking at Irish beer options (it was St. Patrick’s Day this past weekend) and saw a four-pack of Harp tallboys was $8. a four-pack of Guinness was $4 more. I tried to figure out why imported Irish lager that was once hard to find and in high-demand when you found it was now being sold for the same price of gut-rot stuff. I examined the cans closely. They do appear to be from Ireland. It’s not a deal where the beer is brewed by Sleeman or some other brewer making a sub-par beer with a famous name. (Remember old Canadian Carlsberg?) I myself have found Harp to be a solid lager, but not as premium as some have said. Still, $2 a tallboy is baffling for Ontario. Perhaps the tallboy is new and it’s a way to get new followers and drinkers of the beer? It’s my only suggestion after many Google queries. If I had the free time I’d pick up the phone and inquire with Diageo, parent company of Guinness and Harp. Maybe I will do just that. Hang on…


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