Hockley Black and Tan

Today I picked up a sampler pack from Orangeville, Ontario’s Hockley Valley Brewing, which includes Hockley Amber, Hockley Dark and Hockley Black and Tan.

Of the few black and tan’s in a can I’ve tried, I’ve never been impressed but am willing to give it another shot. A black and tan is a mixture of a pale lager or ale mixed with a dark beer, usually a stout. When poured in a pub, traditionally where this drink is ordered, it creates an image effect of lager on the bottom and stout on the top as seen in this Wikipedia file photo. The pre-made canned versions won’t have this effect.

Hockley Black and Tan looks very much like a stout in the pour. The body is an opaque near-black, though the head is a little lighter in colour. The aroma gives off hints of chocolate and a lot of roasted malt. The flavour is of sweet roasted malt and caramel and it finishes with a slight bitterness. I’m still not a fan of this style of beer. The mixture of multiple styles doesn’t sit well on my palate.  I only recommend ordering it once for the visual effect and only in a pub. If you are a fan of this style of beer, there are worse options available.


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