Baltimore Ravens win the Super Bowl

This post is only quasi-related to beer. Tonight I’ve been sipping a couple and watching highlights of the victory parade for the Baltimore Ravens, my favourite NFL football team. I did not expect a championship at the beginning of the playoffs and their victory in Denver in the second round was a shock even to me. I watched the game feeling obliged to watch and was shocked they were tied at the half and went crazy when Jacoby Jones scored a miracle tying touchdown at the end of regulation and then Justin Tucker’s winning field goal in the second OT. I admittedly had too many beers in celebration that night, but it was an awesome victory.

I watched the Big Game at a Super Bowl party after a last-minute invite from a good friend,‘s Andy Johnson. The hosts, Ethan and Jeannette (I hope I got her name right) were amazing hosts with a good selection of beer (mostly Mill St.) and food. But you know you have awesome hosts when they put a TV in their bathroom. The hosts were big Indianapolis Colts fans, the Colts being a team the Ravens beat in the first round of their playoff run.

The first half was exciting for me as Baltimore got off to a big lead and widened it with a Jacoby Jones 108-yard touchdown early in the second half. Then of course momentum changed after the half-hour blackout and I sat there in fear my team was about to have the biggest blown-lead in Super Bowl history. The Ravens held off the 49ers with a late goal-line stand and after one final 49ers punt return with four seconds left that only got to midfield, I could relax and celebrate. I live in Toronto and all the other teams I cheer for suck (hoping for good things from the Jays this year). This win was special for me. Ray Lewis goes out after 17 years with a bang. I am going to miss the squirrel dance.

But, I have to throw something in beer-related to finish. The Beer I often drink during Ravens games is Cameron’s Cream Ale, if only for the purple label. One of my reasons for becoming a Ravens fan a few years ago was the tribute to Edgar Allan Poe in the name, the colours (purple and black) and Poe, the mascot.


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