Buying growlers in Toronto

If you want to pick up a 64-ounce jug of beer, also known as a growler,  it is possible in Toronto, though don’t expect to do this at the LCBO or Beer Store. I recommend checking out this very good article from the Torontoist on where to find growler beer in Toronto. Most points of purchase will either charge a high price for the first order but offer discounted refills, or they will charge a deposit of around $4 for the growler.

Also, tonight, I saw it with my own eyes, Bud Light Platinum is available in Canada. A 6% version of Bud “Light” isn’t something I’m excited about, but I would try it once, likely in a bar establishment where I don’t have to purchase more than one at a time.


One Response to “Buying growlers in Toronto”

  1. “Buying growlers in Toronto Tales from the Beer Truck” was in fact a good post.
    If it owned much more photographs it might be perhaps even even better.

    Thanks -Estella

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