Cider’s popularity is rising

I hope you are enjoying your Christmas Eve.

Quickly, I wanted to share an interesting article I found online through the UK’s Daily Mail website about the rising popularity of cider in Europe. The article suggests while the cider market is minimal in the US, this could change in the near future. That cider could be popular among a population that enjoys alco-pop and has governments trying to encourage it to get more healthy, is true. The Stella Artois brand produces a new cider now and (at least in Canada) a growing number of pubs are offering a variety of ciders on tap. But I don’t believe cider will be as much of a threat to beer as the article suggests. I don’t mind ciders and have reviewed some here. The drinks are different. Beer is not supposed to be sweet, though occasionally a sweet beer will come out that’s good for a taste or good for summer refreshment. However, real beer lovers wont be jumping to a permanent switch to cider.

It would be interesting to see if cider ever made in-roads with the alco-pop crowd (usually women) in North America. In England you see the Strongbow logo all over while watching English Premier League soccer. I can’t picture the same thing with NFL games. I don’t even think Anheuser-Busch could market “Budweiser Cider” ads during NFL games (unless it was the Super Bowl). I’m thinking if Strongbow were to make in-roads in America, the marketing would almost have to alienate male drinkers. But that’s just me.

On another note, one of the most popular reviews ever on this blog was my review of Strongbow two years ago.


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