Trip to The Beer Store

I have a couple of observations from a trip to The Beer Store yesterday. The first has to do with “the Big 10,” the list of best selling beers. Coors Light is number one and Bud Light is in the top five. The top five are mass-market brown bottle brands, but not discount brands. When Coors Light comes up in conversation, you’ll hear one of two things. From the people who like craft, local, or stronger beer: “$40 for a case of bottled water?” From the people who stick to the cheaper brands: “$40 for a case of light beer?” I guess Coors Light is to beer what Rob Ford is to politics and Nickelback is to music. Everyone slags it and no one admits to liking it, but it has fans in Canada.

One other observation. Beers that were cool with hipsters who liked the idea of hanging out in dives and looking working-class with trucker hats, flannel jackets and cheap beer are now it the premium price bracket. A 24 of Labatt 50 is $41.95 and $23.75 for a 12 (Four bucks more than a 15-pack of Blue). A 24 of Molson Stock Ale has always been higher-priced. At $39.95 it is more expensive than Blue, Canadian and Bud/Bud Light. You also cannot get a 12 of Stock Ale, or any other numeration. I’m worried that eventually Pabst, a discount brand that has hipster appeal, will face the same fate.

I want to share one more thing I discovered on The Beer Store’s web site tonight that’s food-related. A recipe I’m really wanting to try is beer-battered asparagus. This looks like something special as I love asparagus and I love beer, obviously.


One Response to “Trip to The Beer Store”

  1. I’m really glad that Molson Stock Ale has taken popularity even it is hipster. Back about 10 yrs ago in my early 20’s when i was doing ‘bottle’ challenges at bars with my buddies and you would try to have one bottle of every single kind they had i was first introduced to stock ale. On appearance the label looks like the beer sat in their fridge for years, and would be skunky or just horrible. but as they say, never judge a book by its cover. The beer is extremely well crafted, smooth and has a great easy drinking profile to it. its maybe not been in my top 5 but certainly is a great beer. I just really wish they would put it into cans, or even better, vintage cans. Its worth every bit the price in my opinion. I’m a tradionalist in the sense that I enjoy bavarian beers, munich lagers, and standards beers without the adjunct added. The stock ale recipe should never be touched.

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