Efes Pilsener

I tried this Turkish pilsener for the first time this evening and can’t say I’m too impressed. This is a European version of a very cheaply made beer.

The beer has a straw-coloured body and a foamy white head, nothing you wouldn’t expect, but for the heavy carbonation. The aroma is quite nice. It is strong with a sweet grassy smell. The flavour though is plain and dry with hints of malt. It is flavoured like a really generic pilsener. However, the finish is what has me with the thumb down for this beer. Quite literally, it leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. The beer is a 5% ABV, yet I get a finish of an alcohol taste that makes me wince seconds after I’ve taken a sip. Avoid even if you’re a college kid looking to save money. Better import beer can be found for around the same price ($2.05 for a 500 ml can).


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