Oktoberfest in Toronto

There are many promotions and events bars and breweries in the GTA latch onto in celebration of Oktoberfest. You needn’t go all the way to Kitchener or pay hundreds for a plane ticket to München to get a little celebrating in.

Today and tomorrow (Oct. 4 and 5) the city has an Oktoberfest celebration in the north building of St. Lawrence Market. Unfortunately tickets to the event sold out in advance. If you didn’t get in this year, watch out for next year. This year’s event features beer from Erdinger, Tyskie, Heineken, Weihenstephan, Rotkäppchen, De Koninck and, uh, Creemore (granted not all those other beers are German). And yes, the lederhosen and oom-pah-pah bands will be there as well.

I also came across another Oktoberfest event happening later in the month in Mississauga if it’s too late for the St. Lawrence event. This seems to be more about sports on the big screen and hot chicks than the traditional Oktoberfest experience (Molson appears to be a big vendor).

At many bars, Steamwhistle is offering a promotion where you can order a litre stein of Steamwhistle and you keep the stein Prices will vary and some bars will offer discounted refills. Don’t drive if you’re taking a refill.  Some Bars offering this promotion include the Regal Beagle on Bloor St. W., The Artful Dodger on Isabella St., the Cloak and Dagger on College St., Faema Caffe on Dupont St., Ein-Stein on College St., the Pilot Tavern on Cumberland St. and many others.

I have also seen and experienced Hacker-Pschorr steins in Toronto. This is a premium Oktoberfest staple. Last weekend I had a couple of these at the Pour House on Dupont St. The beer is 5.5% ABV and I walked home in a haze wondering how Germany can function as a nation.


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