Red Racer India Pale Ale

Red Racer is a beer from Surrey, British Columbia’s Central City Brewing. Central City takes pride in its Red Racer being full of “hops, hops and more hops.” It also promises an intense aroma and a long lingering finish.

The aroma is present from the opening of the bottle or can. There is a strong smell of hops, grass and pine needles. The body pours with an amber body and a thick off-white head. The palate…yes. Hops. hops and more hops with a hint of spice. The finish is as long as I’ve ever experienced in a beer. The finish is a sweet, grassy one with hints of caramel toward the end. If you’re not a fan of hoppy beer, I recommend trying this for the experience anyway. Its description is exactly as advertised. Even if you do not like this one, you’ll acknowledge it’s an extremely flavourful beer. The experience of the long-lasting finish (about a minute) will be intriguing for any beer lover.


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