BlogTO and beer

I came across a couple of good stories this past week from BlogTO that are recommended reading for beer enthusiasts in the Toronto area, says moi.

The first will appeal not just to beer lovers, but also lovers of business history. The Rise of Large-Scale Beer Brewing in Toronto is about the rise of mega-brewers like Molson and Labatt and EP Taylor’s Canadian Breweries. EP Taylor had a nasty habit of buying up breweries, firing their employees and consolidating the breweries. The big brewers of the day gave the post-war drinker something mild and simple, which the consumers wanted. Beer was moved out of craft brewing and into mass production in Canada.

The other article is The Best Places to Drink a Pitcher of Beer in Toronto. This list is very impressive and of places in Toronto that are usually inexpensive and offer a good selection of beer, rather than places you go to look cool or look like a hipster douchebag (No, Now Magazine. Ronnie’s isn’t the best patio downtown. That being said, I like their selection of beer).


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