Washington Post’s Five Beers to Drink on the Fourth

The article is obviously geared to an American audience, but the Washington Post has a list of beers to try for the Fourth of July. The article focuses on American craft beers that take from the “melting pot” of styles, be it Belgian, German, English, etc. while being an American original at the same time. I have not tried any of these beers. However, most of them look too citrus-filled for my liking. The only beer I would be excited to try is Tuppers’ Hop Pocket Ale.

On a side note, I’ve lately been enjoying Carlsberg. Perhaps all the marketing of it closely being tied to soccer has had an impact. I have been following the 2012 Euro Cup (0-0 Spain on penalty kicks is my prediction for the final). But I find it a very refreshing lager, as well as a quality one.  By the way, does anyone remember that horrible generic version of Carlsberg that used to come in a brown bottle in Canada (I believe Labatt was the brewer)? It’s only been gone a few years, but it seems like ancient history.


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