Granville Robson Street Hefeweizen

I am not a big fan of hefeweizens. This is why I like Robson Street Hefeweizen. Many beers of this type often have a strong fruity citrus taste. Robson Street has enough of a watered-down flavour and a hopped balance to make this drinkable without the sourness. the term “watered-down” often means bad, but this time it holds the flavour to a manageable level if you’re not a fan of the citrus flavours of a hefeweizen.

The beer pours with a hazy yellow body and a white head. The aroma is a citrus one with hints of banana. Again, the flavour has hints of citrus and banana, but is more subtle than other hefeweizens. There is a bit of a hoppy finish. Vancouver’s Granville Island Brewing has found a good balance of fruitiness, much like False Creek Raspberry Ale. This beer might be disappointing to those who love German hefeweizens, but good for those who want to try something refreshing and different, but not too fruity.


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