Innis and Gunn Blonde

This afternoon I’m trying Innis & Gunn’s Blonde Lightly Oaked Beer.  My first impression of the beer was the strong aroma. I paid $3 for one 330 ml bottle and thought I had a skunky one. But on second, um, sniff, I realize the aroma is strong and has a malty, wood-like aroma to it. Innis & Gunn labels this beer as a “fruity Scottish beer with refreshing hints of vanilla and oak.” I definitely taste a malty sweetness and hints of maple. At least that’s how it goes down on my palate. The taste is great, but I’m not so big on the finish and its strong citrus flavour reminding me of grapefruit (if you like grapefruit maybe you’ll like this beer).

The pour is a typical lager yellow body with a thin white head. This beer is stronger than it looks at 6% ABV. Overall, it’s not bad, but not worth the value of a super premium beer.


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