Michelob Ultra

Michelob Ultra is another light beer joining the market with such brands as Molson Canadian 67 and Labatt Sterling in the “low calorie” light beer category. So we can include this posting in the category of “does it really suck?”

Yes. It does. The pour is very fizzy with a thick white, but rapidly evaporating head. The colour is a very light barely-there yellow. One has to look closely to not confuse it with water. The aroma is surprisingly strong with hints of straw and grass. But the flavour? Drinking this beer was like overpaying for some flavoured water with a bit of malty sweetness. I marvel this beer is 4% ABV.

One other bit of information intrigued me while at The Beer Store today. Busch is now on The Big 10 list of best selling beer. Read why this might surprise me here. I say Michelob Ultra can join Busch on the list of awful beers.


2 Responses to “Michelob Ultra”

  1. […] exaggeration. It’s a very light yellow but mostly resembles carbonated water. I reviewed Michelob Ultra here a couple of years ago and thought I would not taste any beer more watery. Canadian 67 has […]

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