Nickel Brook Gluten Free

Nickel Brook has a gluten-free “alcoholic beverage” that technically can’t be classified as a beer without the wheat and barley as per Health Canada’s rules. The beer, er drink, is made with sorghum, hops, water, sugar and pear juice. Nickel Brook promises “Gluten Free…has the flavour any beer lover will enjoy.”

Gluten Free pours a golden colour with a thick white head and is heavy in carbonation. The aroma is quite fruity and reminds me of a cider. The drink is strong at 5.8%. Reviews I’ve read of Gluten Free often say it’s alright… for a gluten-free beer. the flavour starts with a hint of caramel and then just straight hops and a finish of more straight hops with a hint of fruit. The drink is not bad if you are a fan of strong bitters, which are not for everyone. The idea that something so strong and something that is technically not the real thing would end up being a success would surprise me. But according to press, it’s been quite successful. People who used to enjoy a beer are glad they can enjoy something very similar. When I read the ingredients, I was afraid this would taste like a fruit drink. If you like it or not, Gluten Free tastes like a beer.


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