Belhaven Best

Let me start with something off-topic before I get into a review of this Scottish honey ale. Sometimes Tales from the Beer Truck talks about beer marketing, but it recently dawned on me just how good of a marketing idea that McDonalds dollar drink thing is. This doesn’t mean I believe McDonalds is a great company at ethics or keeping the population healthy, etc. (Confession: I like their coffee, a lot) But I just find so many people walking around with McDonalds cups lately and I can only guess it’s because of the promotion or because it’s hot outside and people partake in milkshakes. This creates the image of, “wow that guy and girl kind of look healthy and they visit McDonalds.” Pop isn’t all that healthy, though if I’m dying for a drink (assuming for some reason can’t make it a beer. What the hell is wrong with me?) I absolutely refuse to pay for water. So yesterday on a very long walk I did grab a drink for a dollar. I ordered a large because, well, they’re all the same price. I ended up walking out with a jug full of pop that I could barely wrap my hand around. This is the new large. Now I could go on with a discussion about health issues and super-sized fast food vs. freedom of choice, etc., but you want to read about beer.

Belhaven Best, to quote reader Paul Longhurst, it could be a lot better. The body is a beautiful deep amber colour with a foamy white head. That’s as nice as this review will get about the beer. There isn’t much at all to the aroma. The palate is overwhelming with a malty taste similar to that of molasses. It has a foamy finish, almost like Thrills candy with a bit of tin-like bitterness. Bloody awful. I’m sorry my discussion about McDonalds was longer than the review, but there just isn’t much good to say about Belhaven Best.


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